We offer the full spectrum of garden maintenance service, from weekly trimming, raking and trimming to lawn treatment and tree propagation. We’ll ensure all hard outdoor ground surfaces are swept clean and your garden remains green throughout the year.

Lawn Care

Our operators will mow your lawn using a lawnmower, or a brush cuter for those difficult to reach places and banks.  The time spent will depend on the size of the area to be mowed but will be cut every week during the growing months (summer) and at least every second week during the non-growing (winter) months (or as required).

Lawn Spring Treatment

We help you get and maintain the luxury lawn you deserve all year round. With harsh winter conditions, your lawn needs a little extra to remain lush and green. Ask us about our lawn spring treatments designed to nourish and retore any lawn.


We have a skilled team of specialists who understand all your plants pruning needs. We offer pruning of trees and plants to encourage healthy growth. We are also trained in pruning for shaping and size reduction

Maintain the health of your plants

Our team will maintain the health of your plants on an as needed basis, weekly, which will include the following: Pruning, shaping and trimming of hedges and topiaries, including light tree pruning. Unless it is really pouring with rain, our staff will continue to work or will wait to see if it clears.  Only if it is still raining after lunch, do we consider letting them go home.  As such, we hardly ever miss a service due to weather.  In the unlikely event of this happening, then we will only catch up on your next available service day.  The same applies to public holidays.  If this were to occur two weeks in a row, then we will send in a team to do the basics such as lawn mowing.